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Work Experience is an integral part of the 16 to 19 year-old Study Programme. This means that schools and colleges are expected to offer their students high quality and meaningful work experience alongside their vocational learning programme to give them valuable experience of a work environment and develop their employability skills.

The types of work experience that REED NCFE can help arrange varies widely dependent on student need; from placements designed to help prepare young people get ready for Apprenticeships and other sustainable employment, to support for students with more complex needs.

In an economy which continues to be troubled with almost one million under 25s out of work, the bleak reality facing many is impossible to ignore. Survey after survey reports that employers are continually frustrated by the lack of work-readiness displayed by many young people. REED NCFE are addressing these issues with our work experience solutions.

We also offer a Progression to Work Experience learning programme click here for more information.

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How it works

REED NCFE understand what employers look for; we understand that 96% of recruiters will choose a candidate who demonstrates the complete mindset for the job ahead of a person who demonstrates the complete skillset but lacks the right mindset. We offer a range of support packages that can meet Study Programme requirements:

  • Work Experience Learning Programme, all of our learning products are tailored to enable progression for more information click here.
  • REED NCFE remote Work Experience Brokerage, we will undertake business development of employers willing to offer work experience placements, ranging from national and reginal employers to smaller, local employers. All of this is offered through a vacancy management system that allows centers to match learners to the placement opportunities identified by REED NCFE
  • Our Work Experience Brokerage comes with dedicated Employment Brokers employed and managed by REED NCFE to source work experience placement opportunities within travelling distance of host centers, whilst engaging with and preparing learners for their work placements. Employment Brokers work closely with curriculum staff to plan placements as part of the Study Programmes; delivering workshops that help improve learner CVs, job search skills and workplace behaviours whilst at the same time brokering placements with employers that can have the potential to lead to sustainable employment and Apprenticeships.



Why it matters

REED NCFE understands that a work experience placement isn’t only an opportunity to experience a work environment:

  • It’s an opportunity to help students understand how to engage with employers and equip them with the skills they will need to find their own career opportunities
  • Work experience provides valuable learning that enhances the value of learners vocational qualifications and helps inform future career choices
  • Employers benefit from work experience too, as businesses can profit from the up-to-date skills that learners bring and see how these are put into practice in the workplace. Today’s work experience placements have the potential to become tomorrow’s employees.


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We work with students to help them develop and demonstrate the right mindset for work. Based upon research carried out by James Reed in association with Harvard University, an overwhelming 96% of the thousands of employers who responded said they would recruit based on mindset over skill set.