What is BESTest?

BESTest is REED NCFE's brand new psychometric test it will quickly, accurately and objectively measure your learners' employability skills.

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REED NCFE has launched its brand new Baseline Employability Skills Test 'BESTest'

Do you have difficulty:

  • identifying and agreeing your learners' baseline strengths and weaknesses;
  • designing tailored and personal learning plans based upon those strengths and weaknesses;
  • achieving learner buy-in for enrichment activities; or
  • accurately tracking distance travelled from the start to the end of their course?

'BESTest' will answer all of these questions and more.

In conjunction with the University of Leeds Business School Organisational Behaviour team REED NCFE have developed a new psychometric test which quickly, accurately and objectively measures your learners' employability skills.  As well as an overall score each learner receives a set of ten underlying scores that relate to the usual employability skills indicators such as; interview techniques and job search skills, and to those personal qualities such as; motivation and sociability, that make all the difference with employers. 

Watch one of our pre-recorded webinars in which REED NCFE Managing Director; Tom Millar demonstrates the test and how it can be used with;

Or how it can be used to;

Also check out a short two minute video here

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Be better than the BESTest with our brand new BESTest Modules, click here.

For more information on BESTest and BESTest Modules contact DuncanFletcher@reed-ncfe.org.uk or call 0191 605 3303