An Apprenticeship is a real job with training, enabling learners to earn whilst they learn and to achieve nationally recognised qualifications. In 2015 the Government set out its intention to meet a target of 3 million new Apprenticeships by 2020. In addition, new Apprenticeship standards are being developed by employer-led groups known as “trailblazers” and the new “Apprenticeship levy” will be rolled out with the aim of raising £3 billion a year, the highest investment in real terms ever made for Apprenticeships.

Given the focus and investment on Apprenticeships, REED NCFE is committed to not only engaging with employers who would like to employ an Apprentice but, perhaps more importantly, we understand the importance of identifying the right candidate for an Apprenticeship vacancy and helping ensure that they sustain in the role and make a relevant and valuable contribution, both to the employer and their own career prospects.

It has been estimated that only around 25% of all vacancies are ever advertised.  The REED NCFE Partnership has the skills to target the other 75% for your learners.  We use both new and existing employer relationships within your local area, brokering and offering your learners a wide range of suitable vacancies.

We also offer a Progression to Apprenticeships learning programme click here for more information.

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How It Works

REED NCFE understand what employers look for; we understand that 96% of recruiters will choose a candidate who demonstrates the complete mindset for the job ahead of a person who demonstrates the complete skillset but lacks the right mindset. We offer a range of support packages that can help grow your Apprenticeship business:

  • Apprenticeships Learning Programme, all of our learning products are tailored to enable progression for more information click here.
  • REED NCFE Remote Apprenticeship Brokerage, we will undertake candidate attraction for your unfilled Apprenticeship vacancies. We do this by using our brand reputation and understanding of the labour market to engage with new candidates that may not have seen the Apprenticeship vacancies that are available. We can work with employers to help better understand their needs and improve our candidate search.  We screen applicants to ensure they meet the appropriate minimum requirements and where appropriate, refer those that fail screening for further support. The overall aim of all of this is to increas your Apprenticeship vacancy fill rate and enhance your reputation with employers.
  • Our Apprenticeship Brokerage comes with dedicated Employment Brokers employed and managed by REED NCFE to source Apprenticeship vacancies as required whilst focusing on engaging with and preparing your learners and external candidates for Apprenticeship vacancies managed and delivered by you. Our Employment Brokers understand what employers look for in potential employees; they understand what CV standards are expected, how candidates should perform at interview and what workplace behaviours successful candidates demonstrate. We will engage with both existing learners (often an under-exploited source of candidates) and external candidates who are attracted by the opportunities you offer and your reputation locally. Our Brokers will also seek to engage with new candidates, including working with schools locally to promote your Apprenticeship opportunities to school leavers. 
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What it does

The Employer Skills Survey that was published in January 2016 reported that 23% of unfilled job vacancies relate to skills shortages. In response to the news the Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) commented that 86% of employers think their workforce is fully trained and training at work is increasing slightly, concluding that Apprenticeships at all levels can make a major impact on in tacking this.

REED NCFE can help offer the employers you work with a valid and effective recruitment service and, where there are plenty of Apprenticeship providers to choose from, good candidates vote with their feet. Working with REED NCFE will help improve and enhance your Apprenticeship business.

“Given the choice between someone with the desired mindset who lacks the complete skills set for the job, and someone with the complete skills set who lacks the desired mindset, a total of 96% of employers surveyed picked mindset over skills set at the key element in those they seek and retain.”  Put your Mindset to work – James Reed and Paul G Stoltz PhD, 2011


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Why it matters...

It’s not just the direct impact of improved employer relationships that our centres appreciate; improving the outcomes for learners is an essential part of what we do.

Helping your learners compete successfully in the workplace is a vital role for your centre. Working with REED NCFE provides a great opportunity to help young people find Apprenticeships and provide top class recruits for local businesses.  This is demonstrated with some impressive figures;

86% of employers said REED NCFE made it easier for them to employ young people straight from education.

60% of our candidates are successful at interview.

Working with REED NCFE has seen employer engagement for partner centers increase by over 50%.

By working with REED NCFE, your learners can be over 3x more likely to be recruited, retained and promoted.

We have helped over 100,000 learners improve their chances of successfully entering the labour market. Isn’t it time you gave your learners the REED NCFE competitive advantage?

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