Job Search and Interview Skills (JSIS)

Funded by the SFA and supported by research carried out by James Reed, in association with Harvard University. This research concluded that job seekers who were able to demonstrate two or more of the “Top 10” mindsets in their CV and at interview were 3x more likely to be selected for interview and successfully recruited.

Our job search qualifications adopt this approach, and are focused on providing your individuals with a vital competitive edge in today’s difficult jobs market.

Our JSIS qualifications cover all of the essential employability themes (e.g. job search techniques, CVs, interview skills, etc). Uniquely, students learn about their local labour market, develop a CV that is specific to their needs and career aspirations, and vitally, they learn the importance of mindset and how to develop and demonstrate this to employers through applications and at interview.

In order to deliver this as effectively as possible we provide for free a full resource pack, including lesson plans and workbooks.