You’ve got the job! There can be no better words to hear when you're searching for work. And since our launch in 2012, REED NCFE has successfully prepared thousands of individuals for the world of work with our range of qualifications.

REED NCFE offers a range of interventions designed to support individuals into work. Our brokerage service, programmes of learning and our employment & employability qualifications which are all focused on providing individuals with the competitive edge they need in today’s difficult jobs market. In fact, research by James Reed, in association with Harvard, shows that our mindset-based qualifications and workshops can make individuals 3x more likely to get a job.

What we do

Our qualifications are being used across the country with a range of individuals looking to improve their chances of entering the jobs market. 

All of our qualifications, are based upon research carried out by James Reed in association with Harvard University into what employers really want. A staggering 96% recruit for mindset over skill set, and REED NCFE can help people demonstrate the mindset employers seek.

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FREE Qualification Resources

We are proud of how powerful and unique our qualifications are. We want to ensure that those delivering the qualifications have tools at their disposal to maximise the impact of this learning.  On registering learners on a qualification from our job search suite, you will receive a free training resource pack including schemes of work and lesson plans to assist you in delivering these qualifications. The fee resources cover the core skills and knowledge required to deliver this highly effective course, and will provide;

  • An understanding of how to equip individuals with the right mindset to secure employment
  • An understanding of the economic factors affecting the labour market
  • Practical experience in using key facilitation techniques, interview skills and role-plays
  • Help with creating motivational strategies to get buy-in from individuals so they can maximise their chances of employment and have a significant advantage over their peers
  • Information on how to effectively source information through the use of the internet, partnerships, local councils etc. to enhance sector knowledge.

How it works

 Job Search and Interview Skills (JSIS)

This new 6 credit award is funded by the SFA and supported by research carried out by James Reed, in association with Harvard University. This research concluded that job seekers who were able to demonstrate two or more of the “Top 10” mindsets in their CV and at interview were 3x more likely to be selected for interview and successfully recruited.

This qualification adopts this approach and is focused on providing the learner with a vital competitive edge when entering the jobs market.

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Job Skills and Employment Potential (JSEP)

Building on the same core units as the Job Search and Interview Skills, REED NCFE Awards and Certificates in Jobs Skills and Employment Potential are specifically developed to help those furthest from the jobs market. They aim to help them overcome the barriers they face in getting into work. This qualification also looks at business cultures and values, the financial impact of moving into work, understanding business start-up and financial planning.

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Independent Study and Career Skills (ISCS)

Our newest qualification allows for learners to gain vital skills on how to study independently from entry level 3 to level 3, while also keeping an eye on their future career goals and understanding the all important things future employers are looking for – notably the “Top 10” mindset qualities.

The level 3 certificate is ideal for use at key stage 5 to help with the new study skills required for A Level qualifications while also helping to meet the new inspection requirements for delivering employability education and helping students start to focus on their aspirations and goals for the future.

The level 1/2 certificates may suit those learners going into GCSEs or starting at an FE College where higher levels of study skills are required.

The Entry Level 3 is ideal for ESOL learners to support moving into further education or into the jobs market.

This qualification, at all levels, shows the REED NCFE commitment to positive progression whether that is into employment or higher levels of education.

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