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REED NCFE is here to help employers connect with work-ready young people, providing them with a full, FREE recruitment service


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An essential element to securing meaningful employment is mindset. Research shows that 96% of employers will always select mindset over skill set.

REED NCFE provides a full, FREE, recruitment service to employers on behalf of our partner centres. Working with learners, we help to ensure that they not only have the right skill sets, but more importantly the right mindset for the world of work. Too often, we hear from employers’ organisations that young people still lack the right skills for work - but it’s not their vocational skills that are in question - it's their employability skills.

We work with learners to help them develop and demonstrate the right mindset for work. Based upon research carried out by James Reed in association with Harvard University, an overwhelming 96% of the thousands of employers who responded said they would recruit based on mindset over skill set.

“Given the choice between someone with the desired mindset who lacks the complete skills set for the job, and someone with the complete skills set who lacks the desired mindset, a total of 96% of employers surveyed picked mindset over skills set as the key element in those they seek and retain.”  Put Your Mindset to Work – James Reed and Paul G Stoltz PhD, 2011

To the right are just a few examples of some of the employers we have helped.

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