Be better than the BESTest

Make your students better than the BESTest!

It's easy when you use our BESTest modules. Interactive fun and designed with your students in mind our brand new BESTest modules will measurably improve their BESTest score. These short, sharp resources focus on both the hard skills such as; job search and interview techniques, but also the all-important soft skills such as; resilience and motivation.

Students will actually enjoy completing them;

  • they are game-based;
  • they are fun and interactive;
  • they really will improve a students’ employability skills score.

To see a sample of these resources, click on the demo links below, and look out for our Virtual Reality (VR) resource: 

The Organisation Jigsaw 

The Motivated Job Seeker 

Are You Professional? 

For more information on any of the BESTest Modules or our other learning solutuons, contact or call 0191 605 3303.