"Given the choice between someone with the desired mindset who lacks the complete skillset for the job, and someone with the complete skillset who lacks the desired mindset, a total of 96% of thousands of employers surveyed picked mindset over skillset as the key element in those they seek and retain.”

‘Put your Mindset To Work’ by James Reed & Paul G Stoltz PhD, 2011

Job Search & Interview Skills / Employability Skills

The REED NCFE Partnership has developed a suite of qualifications specifically designed to equip students with the skills, and more importantly the right mindset, to find and secure the right job for them.

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Jobs Brokerage Service

It is essential students have the right skills and mindset needed to step smoothly from learning into work. The REED NCFE Partnership can provide comprehensive work preparation and employer engagement services tailored to meet the needs of your students.

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How does The REED NCFE Partnership work?

See how Bournemouth and Poole College are working with The REED NCFE Partnership to offer employment opportunities to their students.

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